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The Problem

“Cybersecurity breaches are inevitable – security and risk management leaders of the future must be AI-enabled, human-centric decision makers to effectively steer through troutlet times”
“Conducting incident response planning and having a formal third-party contingency plan increased Third-Party Cyber Risk Management effectiveness by 42% and 43% respectively”
Gartner Research 2024. Augmented Cybersecurity: Act Now and Thrive Amid Chaos and Complexity
A cyber crisis is one of the most challenging moments a company can face. The impact of a cyber attack is often intensified by the chaos that accompanies such crises: poor synchronization among stakeholders, inadequate information flow, complex decision-making under uncertainty, partial situational awareness, and the involvement of numerous advisors and stakeholders. These factors frequently exacerbate the damage caused by the crisis.

Many organizations find themselves unprepared for such complex events, lacking the necessary management and control systems to mitigate damage and shorten the event's duration and impact. Early preparedness is widely recognized as the most effective way to minimize damage. This understanding is reinforced by regulatory and insurance requirements, which emphasize the importance of early preparedness and resilience planning. However, existing solutions, such as paper-based procedures and ad-hoc consultants, often fall short in providing a comprehensive response.
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The Solution

Cytactic offers an innovative, dynamic, and versatile cyber crisis readiness and management platform, built on extensive cyber incident response and crisis management experience and expertise. Our holistic, data-driven solution prepares organizations comprehensively according to their cyber threat map, helps to manage crises sharply, and enables rapid recovery from a crisis—all within a single platform.
Solution Platforn

Benefits & Capabilities

Digitalized, Simplified & Always Strategic

Effectively manage complex multi-dimensional crisis tasks with a ready-made intuitive platform. Utilize this forward-thinking solution with fully tailored response and recovery playbooks, tabletops and team exercises. All based on the organization’s profile, risk map and calculated threat models.
Dynamic & Flexible Response
Utilize a Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) by transforming comprehensive workflows and complicated response controls into simplified interactive flow charts and executable forms.
Data driven
Get ready to respond to various cyber crises by drawing on recent or past events and incidents’ data. Utilize real- time data-driven insights to significantly optimize response and recovery and mitigate the damages.
Data driven
Rely on extensive expertise embedded directly into the platform's core functionalities. Our sophisticated decision support tools, actionable workflow suggestions, and comprehensive organizational methodology enhance overall crisis readiness and response, guiding users through best practices.

For all Steps and Stages


Multi Stakeholders, Multi Dimensions

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

As the central command unit, the Crisis Management team comprises the leaders of professional departments, each contributing expertise from their respective domains. This team is responsible for aligning decision making with organizational strategy set out by majority shareholders.
The IT & IR teams coordinate technological efforts for crisis investigation, response and recovery. They conduct the forensic investigation, proactively address potential threats, maintain the integrity of digital assets, and ensure swift and effective technical responses.
The Legal team navigates the complex legal landscape surrounding cyber crises. They ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, legally instruct the forensic investigation, minimize litigation risks, liaise with law enforcement, and protect the organization from legal claims related to breaches.
Serving as the organization's voice both internally and externally, the Communications team monitors the media coverage, defines the organization’s narrative and handles the flow of information during a crisis. They prepare communications policies to ensure consistent messaging to the public, stakeholders, media, and employees.
The Operations team ensures business continuity during a crisis. They conduct business impact analysis to minimize operational disruptions and implement processes  to handle interruptions.
The Finance team safeguards the company's financial health during a cyber crisis. They assess and mitigate monetary impacts, protect financial data integrity, and ensure transparent financial reporting to prevent unnecessary losses.
The Human Resources team anchors the human element of crisis readiness and response. They prepare employees for their roles during a breach and maintain workforce productivity throughout the crisis.
The Board of Directors oversee crisis preparation and management procedures. Using Cytactic's platform, the board and relevant committees stay informed and receive tailored summary updates to guide strategic decisions.
The Negotiations team manages dialogue with threat actors or third parties, when applicable. They define the negotiation strategy in accord with the threat actor’s profile, establish means for contact, manage the communications, balance negotiation risks, and work closely with the Legal team to ensure all actions comply with legal standards.

Platform Features

A proprietary blend of methodologies, expertise and Gen-AI ready technologies encapsulated within one unique platform. The all-inclusive, augmented cyber security approach.

Dynamic Response Plan

Generate and update crisis response plans according to the attributes of the specific crisis and the organization's unique characteristics. Responses rely on a robust methodology rooted in crisis management experience, academic research, and data-driven insights across domains, industries, and territories.

Crisis Dashboard

Orchestrate all aspects of a crisis through a single command and control center that facilitates collaboration among all stakeholders.

Risk Assessment

Assess the type and severity of risks associated with the incident's nature and the organization's unique attributes, and quantify the risks.
Risk Assessment

Tabletop Exercises

Simulate an incident and response relevant to the organization's threat landscape and its characteristics, based on real-life crisis scenarios. The exercises help all teams involved in crisis management practice their roles and tasks in preparation for a crisis and proactively identify potential gaps.

Communication and Collaboration

Communicate with stakeholders in a secure environment, including chat and video calls, enabling the setup of meeting agendas and schedules for crisis management while protecting the required confidentiality.

Decision Support Tools

Use data-driven, algorithmically-powered tools that rely on domain expertise to help the organization navigate strategic dilemmas that could arise.

Trusted by Leading Companies and Partners

Leadership readiness is crucial for successfully and smoothly navigating the chaos of cyber attacks. Cytactic's expertise in cyber crisis management and readiness has equipped our management and board with essential tools and knowledge”
CISO, Leading Fintech Company in the US
A platform-based solution for C-level executives and the board, like what Cytactic offers, is an efficient and relevant approach that dramatically assists in organizational readiness for crises over time”
Amichai Levy, ex CTO of a leading digital bank
Cytactic’s unique solution will offer our clients a much better way to manage claims. As a global broker managing hundreds of claims annually, we are always seeking innovation. We found Cytactic to be a perfect match"
Shay Simkin, Global Head of Cyber for Howden

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