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Cytactic was founded by a team of leading experts, each with various backgrounds that cover the multidisciplinary aspects of cyber crisis management and readiness.

The Cytactic team incorporates experts from the intelligence services, enterprise IT, cyber security managements, legal departments, board room advisory, and public relations.

Cytactic focuses on providing premium services to senior management and board of directors in leading enterprises and governments globally.




Cyber security and cyber law expert consultant and teaching professor. Led the tech & regulation department at Herzog. He has a significant experience in supporting companies in managing their cyber risks and handling cyber crisis incidents. Background as as venture capitalists investor in Cyber Security at JVP cyber labs and co-led the state's cyber incubator. He has background at startups entrepreneur at Plymedia and Altal security. He founded the Cyber security studies at Tel Aviv University business school.  Nimrod received his doctor degree in law (J.S.D) from Yale Law School and conducted his Post-Doctorial research in computer science on proactive security at the Yale School of Computer Sciences and researched at Oxford Internet Institute. He was an adjunct professor for Cyber Studies at New York Law School and Kellogg international MBA program. He clerked for the vice president of the supreme court, Justice Cheshin.


An internationally recognized cyber expert. A strategic advisor to enterprises, states and governments and sits on the advisory board of several startup companies. He is the CTO of the Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center at Tel-Aviv University. Founder THINK:CYBER a successful cyber security newsletter. A former CISO in the intelligence services of the Israeli Defense Forces (Capt. Res.) and held several positions in the largest Israeli banking group.



Prof. Dan Amiram is the Vice Dean and the Joseph Safra Chaired Professor for Capital Markets and Financial Institutions at the Coller School of Management at Tel-Aviv University. Before joining the Coller School, he was the Philip H. Geier Associate Professor of Business at Columbia Business School. He serves on the board of directors, including as chairman of the audit committee, risk management committee (that oversees cyber risk) of various public and private institutions in the U.S and Israel. He also serves as the chairman of the United Nations Internal Controls Advisory Committee.

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Professor Michal Barzuza is a Professor of Corporate Law and Governance at the University of Virginia Law School. Barzuza has served on the boards of the American Law & Economics Association, a New York Stock exchange company and the society of empirical legal studies. She was nominated as a research member of the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI), and as a fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies at Hebrew University. She is an expert in corporate governance.
Barzuza received her S.J.D. from Harvard Law School. Her dissertation won the John M. Olin Prize for Outstanding Paper in Law and Economics. Her MA in Economics from UVA, and her LLB and BA in Economics from Tel Aviv University where she was a Cegla Research Fellow in law and economics.



Head of Research at Cytactic. Ari has diverse experience in capital markets, spokesmanship, Fintech and advisory for various institutions.
He managed the investment research department at an Israeli insurance company, as well as the Blockchain Research Institute at the Faculty of Management at Tel Aviv University. 
In addition, Ari has extensive experience in media crises both in the civilian life in the leading PR office of Ran Rahav Communication and in the military at the Air Force spokesman branch. 

Ari has a Ph.D in Finance from Tel Aviv University and is a leading instructor in Finance and Fintech at several leading universities.


Yahel is a Behavioral Researcher and data scientist with in-depth experience as a product leader and project manager in the telecommunication and homeland security sectors. Yahel has several degrees in Statistics, Computer Sciences (B.Sc.), Economics (M.A.), and Information Systems
(M.B.A. & Ph.D.).



Before joining Cytactic, Saar led the commercial department in a global Hi-Tech company. As part of his work, he managed multiple business, strategy and legal matters (including in the cybersecurity and privacy fields) and conducted negotiations, while balancing business risks and providing actionable insights. 
Prior to that, he worked in the international corporate department of a leading Israeli law firm (hi-tech, banking and insurance, corporate finance).
Saar served in the Israeli intelligence corps in a special technology-intelligence department as a deputy department head.
Saar has a B.A (finance and risk management) and LL.B from Reichman University.



Ido Kenan is a veteran digital culture and new media journalist and commentator, host of a weekly tech news segment on GLZ radio, producer and co-host at Cybercyber, a Hebrew cybersecurity podcast, and producer at
He regularly posts news and commentary to Twitter, and is invited to opine in TV, radio and print outlets. Previously, Ido produced and hosted Lex Cybernetica, the Hebrew University's cyberlaw podcast, managed social media for The Seventh Eye, Israel’s oldest media review site, and wrote for major Israeli sites and newspapers, including Haaretz, Jerusalem Post, Calcalist, Walla, Nana10, Ynet, Yedioth Ahronoth, Maariv, Globes, and Time Out Tel Aviv, among others.
He’s been interviewed or quoted about his stories in numerous global media, including the New York Times, The Register, Slashdot, CNN and the BBC.


Josh is a cyber crisis management consultant and the Director of Methodology at Cytactic. In developing the cyber industry’s gold standard methodology for managing crises, Josh works closely with cyber experts and team members to design comprehensive and interdisciplinary response controls, operational procedures, and guidance for enterprises worldwide.


Before joining Cytactic, Shachar completed her B.A. in the Hebrew University Honor Program, “Amirim”, and Psychology. As part of her degree, she studied a semester abroad at the University of Toronto (UofT), participated in an Organizational Psychology laboratory, and was the psychology representative of the Student Union.


Prior to that, she was an Intelligence Analyst and Project Manager at the 8200 intelligence unit in the IDF. As part of her work, she led various cyber-intelligence projects, including collaboration with cyber-attack teams and operational partners. 


Before joining Cytactic, Keshet was a Researcher and an Analyst at the Israel National Cyber Directorate at the Identity and Biometric Application Unit and the National Biometric Laboratory. As part of her work, she led and conducted multiple research, data analysis and policy framework projects in various topics (including the fields of biometrics technology, cybersecurity and privacy).

Prior to that, she was a Recruiter and Customer Manager of a leading human resources company (in the fields of hi-tech, banking and insurance). Keshet served in the IDF as a psychotechnical diagnostician.

Keshet has a M.A (International program of Cyber, Politics and Government), a B.Sc (Statistics and Operations Research) and a B.A (Sociology and Anthropology) from Tel-Aviv University.


Guy Halevi is a third-year student in the joint Law and MBA program at Reichman University, where he has participated in the Zvi Meitar program researching the intersection of law and technology, is an editorial board member of the Law and Business Review and has been recognized as part of the Dean's List. Before joining Cytactic, he was a Customer Success Specialist in a legal-tech company, served in the IDF as a commander and sergeant at the Oketz unit, and took part in a gap year in London, where he volunteered before the army as a delegate of the Jewish Agency in different Jewish and Israeli organizations.



Amitai is a student of the Adi Lautman Interdisciplinary Program for Outstanding Students at Tel Aviv University. During his studies he learned Psychology, History, Philosophy and Literature and majored in Anthropology and Gender Studies. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology. 

Before Joining Cytactic, Amitai worked as a research assistant in Tel Aviv University. Prior to that, he served in the 8200 IDF unit as an Intelligence analyst and a course commander. As part of his role, he led interdisciplinary cyber-intelligence squads that included a collaboration of analysts, linguists, researchers, and cyber-attackers. As part of his role as an intelligence course commander, he was responsible of the training of the 8200 intelligence analysts, and designing and teaching a data analytics, cyber-security & intelligence curriculum. 

Amitai is a LGBTQ activist and educator, specializing in the Religious Gay Community. He hosts and produces the podcast "God Wears Prada", that discusses feminist and queer theory.


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